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let's be lucky people, me and you


i'm james but i'd rather you call me jaime! salt is a kin name that i actually just use as a joke kjhkshddsds you can call me salt if you want but it's not preferred (although its a fuckin powermove)

i'm a 13 y/o trans bi guy. i go by he/him and im trying out xe/xim/xis pronouns!!!
im autistic, and i have depression and paranoia (all self dx) and im just out here trying to live my best life!!!!
if my age makes you uncomfortable its fine to ask me to unfollow you or to not follow me!!!

i would rather not have anyone try to dm me or talk to me privately. it triggers my paranoia and i'll probably end up accusing you of things, giving short responses or just straight up blocking you. it's nothing personal!!

the only exception to this is if youre going to commission me!! im fine with dms if they're commissions, but otherwise i don't want to talk in private!!

before you follow!!

don't follow if:

  • you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc. the general shit

  • you're uncomfortable w me being 13

  • if you're a terf or trumed

  • if you think bi people are transphobic, say that pan means "hearts not parts", or are a pan or bi exclus

  • if you're an ace/aro/aspec/arospec exclus

  • support or like 'yaoi' (that's fetishising gay people! and thats homophobic!)

  • if you're a pedophile/(no)map or an apologist (i'm 13, grossass!!!)

  • if you're a nazi/nazi apologist

  • if you're pro-ana or otherwise post about eating disorders

  • you disapprove of she/her gays or he/him lesbians

  • anti-anti/pro-shipper, or think shipping people irl is okay

  • pro cringe culture

  • you hate cats or think violence against them is justified (fuck you i hate you youre a bitter asshole)

  • if youre pro-life aka anti-abortion

  • if i know you irl or you go to my school and are not my friend


they're not all triggers necesarially. some of them are just viscerally upsetting

paranoia triggers:

  • existentialism

  • saying people online /my friends are faking their identity (friends-exclusive)

  • prose/prosecord, or otherwise characters from it or projects from it (friends-exclusive)

  • discussion of ages/age gaps between me and my peers (friends-exclusive)

  • the progression of time/how close we are to a specific date/the end of the decade stuff/jokes abt "oh haha the year has gone so fast" etc

  • the names amy and june

  • args, especially where someone's being watched or where events that take place seem realistic

  • pet death, including snails, and especially if deliberate

  • climate change and other bad environmental things

  • the minecraft end poem / scene

general triggers:

  • venting to exclusively me, privately, without consent

  • descriptions of self harm, specifically cutting

  • suicide, especially jokes

  • eye trauma, or anything going near eyes

  • self deprecation (it's okay in fiction as long as its not too heavy)

  • animal death in any detail at all

things i'd rather you avoid:

  • disordered eating

  • the t slur (trap)

  • the phrase 'dumb blonde'

  • calling me a furry

  • pictures of irl bugs (apart from butterflies and bees), especially moths or spiders

if you're going to post about these things or reblog a post mentioning them, i block the tags "jaime don't look" and "jaime dont look". direct tags that tell me what the post is abt dont stop emotions tm from being triggered, especially if it's a paranoia trigger

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